Brolin Xavier

about me

Hello, I’m Brolin Xavier. I live in Queens, NY with my wife and two dogs. I was born in India and raised in the Bahamas, and I’ve lived here in the US since 2010.

In my professional life, I do marketing and ops analytics in the electronics industry. I’ve been in the industry for nearly a decade, having worked in sales, business development/strategy, marketing, and BI/analytics. If you’re visiting this site in a professional capacity, here’s my résumé, and my LinkedIn. If you’d like to contact me regarding my work, please use email as opposed to LinkedIn, as I treat it primarily like an online résumé and do not check it often.

I’ve recently been involved in local politics here in Eastern Queens, mostly volunteering and providing comms and data support. I’m a fairly serious reader, and you can find some of my book reviews here. You can also check out this page or my blog for various reviews and thoughts.